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Living long healthy and happy life, we want to connect health and more (sweet, funny, pratic etc.) products for future.

Therefore Fruland was born.

Because everything begin with health! Do you agree with us? If your answer is yes, please continue read..

Fruland team is chosen people who have the spirit of our brand. As a team, we are hard working for our aims; We are a team that cares about our customers and believes in giving them a reason to have withf healthy food,snacks and products everyday.

Additionally organic of our products are certificated by Ecocert.

How enjoyable a fruit can be, Fruland offers more!

Fruland Team
the Land of Healthy Products!
The Story of
OUR process
The fruits are carefully picked by expert farmers and washed thoroughly.
Freeze drying process, also known as lyophilization or sublimation, consists of two main stages. Initially fresh cut products are transported in to so called “Blast Freezer” and frozen below -40C temperature.
Once products are deeply frozen, they are put into freeze drying chamber where vacuum is created by lowering the air pressure at certain degree. Almost 97-98% of water will be sublimated from products during freeze-drying process.
Products are packaged in areas where the moisture balance is adjusted, without touching and adding additives.
follow the fruit
follow the fruit
follow the fruit
follow the fruit
follow the fruit
Freeze Drying
Fruitful Benefits
Healthy Snacks
Many people enjoy eating between meals. Snacks can be part of a healthy eating pattern.
Practical And Light
Freeze-dry foods help to create amazing on-the-go snacks requiring minimal preparation.
Freeze dried food will last up to 25 years and does not need to be to be rotated like other foods.
Shelf Life

Freeze dried food save its natural beauty and freshness with

no sweeteners or preservatives

Freeze drying maintains nearly all of the nutritional value of fresh food.
Harvest right freeze dryers produce food that looks and tastes better than store bought freeze dried food.
No Preservaties
OUR products
  • Fruland Healthy Snacks
Freeze Dried Raspberries
Freeze-dried raspberries are delicious with a sweet taste and smell. Good choice for cakes, muffins and biscuits
Freeze Dried Grapes
Contains the same nutrients as raw grapes and tastes just as great. Ideal for adding to yogurt, oatmeal or travel meals.
Freeze Dried Apple
Organic freeze-dried apples have a tangy and sweet taste. Good for light lunch recipes and fun pairings.
Freeze Dried Banana
Freeze dried at the highest freshness! A melt-in-the-mouth texture that's great for snacking, muesli and many healthy uses.
Freeze-dried strawberries contain all the natural beauty and nutrients. It is a healthy snack for lunch.
Freeze Dried Strawberry
Freeze Dried Melon
Freeze-dried melon has crispness and sweetness. This delicious and healthy fruit is very good for sorbets and smoothies.
  • Fruland Organic Lifestyle
Organic Coconut Oil
A magical elixir, used in both the cooking and the skin care!
Organic Chia Seed
Nutritious way to thicken foods and instantly create delicious puddings
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